Your memory, your ability to learn anything and to recall things might improve.

KarizmaPlay is recommended for everyone between the ages of 13-99.

Play it for 10-15 minutes daily!

You are moving forward up the levels with the help of a moderator, a special feature of KarizmaPlay. Why would you want to play alone? Our moderator is waiting for you to inspire you and make the game more entertaining. You can trust her, she is there for you, to help you not to give up, to practice and reach level 16, allowing you to join the Genius Club.

As you know, it takes a fair amount of will power and perseverance to become happier and more successful.

Go! Start it now!

KarizmaPlay rules are the following:

1. In the course of the game the App will present the player with a series of colours, of red, green, yellow and blue, each coupled with a sound effect. The player is to repeat the color sequence correctly.

2. The player is first presented with a single color, then two, then three colors and so on, until he is able to repeat the sequence correctly by clicking on the respective squares. 

3. If there is a mistake the App will repeat the last, missed combination. If the player makes fails again, he then goes back one level. 

4. There are coins there, in the upper right corner.  Each time the player achieves a new level he collects a coin.

5. The App saves the highest level the player has got to, as evidenced by the coins. If he falls back, the current level shows as a dim coin. 

6. The player has a helper, a game moderator, sitting in the left corner, who will encourage and cheer for him throughout the game.  Click to turn her off or on.

7. You can restart the game clicking on the coins a little longer.

8. The game consists of sixteen levels. It does take some endurance and willpower to make it, hence the umpire to support the player.

Important: Reaching anywhere higher than the eighth level signifies advanced skills.

Good luck!

Karizma Play

A message for you from the creator of KarizmaPlay:

Dear friend,

This app was originally designed to improve memory. 

However, it also serves a higher purpose: it improves your ability to learn new things. 

My advice is not to try to and memorize the sequences. Instead, simply duplicate whatever happens on the screen. Play ten fifteen minutes a day and see how your study skills improve.

This might be the first step on a longer and exciting journey.



This is a cool game, it feels like being in a game show. It is engaging for adults and useful for children’s development. One of those games to improve memory and it is useful for all ages”.
Balazs (28)

„Great game and a very good idea
Paul (64)

 „Love it! Clever stuff”
Gabor (48)